Enjoy Clicker RF-219Z

Enjoy Clicker RF-219Z

1. LCD display: 128*64 dot matrix
2. Clear design, support full text input
3. 20 buttons, A~Z, 0~9 and so on
4. Support sending message
5. Support 400 keypads Per Receiver

Enjoy - Clicker RF-218
Improve Learning Skills, Enhances Students Understanding,
Increase the Participation level & Saves 95% Time and so on..

Enjoy ClickersHow to make your events, quizzes, and class test design special? You can make interactive quiz games, events, and class test with all the audiences and students. We designed a Enjoy Clickers is the full HD document camera that presents the content to the audience in higher resolution. Enjoy Clicker (audience response system) and buzzer to collect instant feedbacks. It allows a number of peoples to attend response system seminar or quiz at the same time to vote on any topics using wireless clickers. Easy in use and instant feedback system creates an enjoyable environment and also interest in audiences. The clicker is the wireless device that used to respond in a seminar within a particular range. The software creates an instant report and also we can save it to the PC/Laptop for future reference...

Enjoy Clicker RF-218 Features

1. LCD display: 128*64 dot matrix
2. Support Self-Paced-Response, homework mode
3. Support number input, 15 digital at most
4. Transmission distance: > 100 meters
5. ID Address Programmable
6. Support fast-ID setup function
7. Transmission angle: 360 degree
8. Two AAA batteries, two years normal use
9. LCD screen show battery status, ID number, answer content, signal sent and received
10. Durable and not easily breakable, will not break or damage even drop to the cement ground from 5 meters high
Software CD

Enjoy Software

  • Working environment: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 and Linux. Compatible with Office 2003, 2007, 2010,2013(32 bits)
  • Integrated with Microsoft powerpoint
  • Transmission distance from handset to receiver: 100 meters radius (328 feet)
  • Results analysis results can be presented and exported in html, txt, excel formats
  • Supports oral, blackboard or paper-based questions
  • Auto-setting question and options
  • Auto-recognize function

Enjoy Teacher Remote

  • LED status, 4 radios channels
  • Transmission distance: > 100 meters
  • Transmission angle: 360 degree
  • Laser indicator build-in
  • Maintain full control over every presentation
  • Enter Power Saving Mode within 5 seconds when is left idle
  • Control games procession, Present slides, going backwards-forwards, showing charts.
  • Over 1 year battery life for normal use
Software CD
Software CD

Enjoy Reciever

  • 2.4GHz digital RF technology, 4 radios channels
  • Power required: DC12V, 800MA adapter or no extra power required
  • Port: USB port
  • Receiving angle: 360 degree
  • Receiving distance: 400 meters radial
  • Support up to 2000 student keypads

Reach US

  • Address: Plot No. 444, KH. No. 10/5, Kakrola Complex, New Delhi-110078
  • Email: info@enjoyvote.in
  • Mob. No.: +91 7042895986